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Volcano Bean - Game Development Studio

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BattleCakes is a traditional 2D top-down isometric RPG experience. It’s a fun and accessible intro to RPGs, thriving on good-natured humor and irreverent whimsy to appeal to gamers of all ages while offering an engaging experience for even the most seasoned RPG players.

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In Development

Sleepy Kraken

Help the poor Sleepy Kraken get some sleep! In this arcade style tap-n-smash game you'll send pirates whizzing through the air, smashing their ships to smithereens to help the kraken stay asleep.

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Where's My Goblin?

Where's My Goblin? is delightful matching game for all ages. Filled with quirky art and colorful characters, you'll enjoy mixing and matching goblins parts while building your memory skills.

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Volcano Bean is a small midwestern game development studio. Currently focused on creating casual gaming experiences for all ages, the studio’s games reflect its mission to bring together colorful art, all-ages whimsy, and accessible, engaging gameplay.

For inquiries you can reach out to and for more information check out the Volcano Bean presskit.