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Based in St. Louis, MO



BattleCakes is a snack-sized RPG, set in the enchanted kingdom of Pasteleria. Play as an adorable customizable cupcake who forges their own path, shaping the story by battling or befriending the world’s many monsters. Drawing on the nostalgia of classic RPGs, Battlecakes is a story-rich experience that is witty, charming, and occasionally absurd.


The world of BattleCakes originally started as a webcomic by Matt Seniour back in 2012. You can watch the original story reimagined as a motion comic here.


  • Customize your cupcake hero! Bake your best life with loads of fun colors and fashionable frosting styles.
  • Save the day your way! Monsters abound in Pasteleria—you decide whether to befriend them and walk away with new pals, or battle it out and take ‘em down.
  • Explore a candy-colored world of magic, fun, and mystery! From the fragrant fields of Vanilla Hill to the sticky swamps of Nougat Hollow, your sweet adventure awaits!
  • Choose your path! Any quest, monster, and resident of Pasteleria could send your story in a different direction, and it’s all up to what kind of cupcake you choose to be.
  • Pet all the cats! Jellyroll cats love to explore, but they love a good snuggle even more. Can you find and pet every Jellyroll cat peppered throughout Pasteleria?


BattleCakes teaser trailer YouTube


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About Volcano Bean

Volcano Bean is a small midwestern game development studio. Currently focused on creating casual gaming experiences for all ages, the studio’s games reflect its mission to bring together colorful art, all-ages whimsy, and accessible, engaging gameplay.


Mary McKenzie
Producer, Marketing, Technical Animator, Programmer, Writer

Matt Seniour
Game Designer, Lead Artist, Lead Writer

Gene Kelly
Project Manager, Programmer, Artist, Character Animator

Ben Cook

Marlena Abraham
Systems Designer

Kevin Snow
Narrative Designer

Carol Mertz
Production Consultant, Level Design

Fat Bard
Music, Sound FX

Michael Ha

Anna Russell
Pre-production Animation

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